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17 October 2009 @ 08:23 pm
Sembreak <3  



I promise to make the most out my (hopefully) last sembreak.  So yes, I wouldn't spend a single day void of luxury (such as pigging out or web surfing or movie marathon).  But since I also have to do magic with my thesis, like revise my proposal and look for two locales for my study, I kind of hope to balance luxury and not-so-luxurious acads.  Sucks really.


To-do lists guide my unorganized life. Therefore, I have a list of things to do for the sembreak. Yehey.  It is a lot shorter than my summer list but hey, sembreak is a lot shorter, too.T__T  I abhor the fact that I have no more summer break left.



  1. Register to vote! :D
  2. Watch the movies on my movie list XDDD (which is listed below)
  3. Read the books on my book list XDDD
  4. Look for the (two) locales of my research
  5. Revise my proposal
  6. Clean out laptop (i.e. organize, delete files)
  7. Sort through fonts (install and uninstall)
  8. Master photoshop (this has been on my to-do list since high school)
  9. Cook at  least three dishes! (sinigang na baboy, tinolang manok and nilaga. should stay away from adobo -__-)
  10. Oh, try frying stuff
  11. Write (c'mon. I haven't been writing all that much since I entered uni T_T)
  12. Delete 1K+ unread mails
  13. Clean dorm room (which I should do before going home for the break)
  14. Finish Beethoven Virus
  15. Finish Honey and Clover Season 2


I am freaking excited. But I had this nagging feeling that I should not be because you know, this is supposed to be the last. I should be worried or something because next sem is my (hopefully) last and most critical sem. I should focus more on my thesis I guess.  But this would also be my last break.  Don't I deserve to enjoy myself or something. XD


And oh, there are still some things that I need to do like this book review.=__= And I also have to worry still for my project presentation on monday.T__T boohoo. And my thesis proposal's a wreck.  I have no idea if I'm doing the right thing.  Because you know. Adviser thing. T__T But I should suck it all in because after monday, I am as free as a bird. Lollerskates. :D


It is just sad though because I really don't want to go anywhere. I just want to stay at home and live like a bum.  I might say pass on high school reunions.T__T  And if ever my barkada would have a sleepover or something, I hope they'll understand. Errr.  I know I'm being paranoid or something but it just scares me shitless to walk aimlessly at San Pablo or anywhere near that place.




So I have a bunch of movies I haven't watched (salamat kay Ate Noelle, Ayessa, Ate Mich at Ate :D).  I decided to make my movie list first.  WAAH.  I missed having movie marathons during saturdays.O___O I actually started last night. HAHA.  Excited.  But I really should start reading Black Like Me for my book review. T__T



Jane: Ay syet. My book review pa nga pala ko.T__T

Alex: Ah, yung "Black Like You?"

Jane: Huh? Black Like Me.

Alex: Oh? Kala ko Black Like You.

Jane: Eh sinasabi ko lang na Black Like You kasi kaw yung kausap ko. XDDD





1. Transformers

2. Up (I've watched this on pirated dvd. sucks. couldn't understand a word.)

3. Bolt

4. Naruto Movie

5. Bruce Almighty

6. Night at the Museum

7. Bedtime Stories (ang ganda ni Felicity O___O)

8. Kalam

9. Juno (Type ko.  Juno ftw!)

10. Love in the Time of Cholera (but I'll read the book first)

11. P.S. I Love You

12. Sassy Girl (Hollywood version. I bet/I've heard/ I know that the Korean version is better.  Call me biased but I don't care-eh-eh-eh-eh-eyr.)

13. The Proposal (blah. ang labo pala ng copy.T__T)

14. He's Just Not That into You

15. Little Miss Sunshine

16. The Other Boleyn Girl

17. Memory Keeper's Daughter

18. Seven Pounds

19. Atonement

20. Saw 5  (is thinking to stay away from this type of movie for a lifetime O___O)


And those are the top 20. There are more and I don't really know how to watch it all. =___=


It is tempting to watch more movie than to read the book.  But hey, since I also miss reading books, I should uhm ,motivate myself. Hehe.  I only have three books planned to read this sembreak: Love in the Time of Cholera, The Bluest Eye and Mary Mary.  Can't wait.

And I might watch another movie later since I'm already halfway through the book. :)))


Go sembreak.  Wag mo kong bibiguin. :)))


P.S. Namiss kong mag-blog. <3


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