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30 October 2009 @ 05:36 pm
 Ate Mich:  Ayaw mo bang maging attorney?

Jane: Mas gusto kong maging mommy.


HAHAHA why not? Magka-rhyme naman. XD


I should stop watching movies about dreams and talents and the future.  Seriously.  It makes me wonder what I would be doing in the next five years or so.  It makes my head hurt and I don't want to think too much.  Sembreak kaya. XD


I am excited about graduation and all.  But the truth is I am scared of what will happen after that.


In a matter of five months or so, I'd be busy looking for jobs but I don't even know what jobs to seek.  Would I go into research and practice DevCom?  Or would I go into mainstream and be rich?  Would I take up a masteral degree in DevCom or take extra Educ courses in Diliman?  Would I be a journalist or a teacher?  Would I be writing science stories or random features?  And the big question is, would I stay here in Laguna or go somewhere far like Manila?  All I know is that I want to stay in the country.  I don't know.  I just don't want to leave.  


Back in high school, I planned to work in Korea for a year right after college graduation.  Be an English tutor or better, live the life of a fanfic heroine.  But I don't want that anymore. Well, I still want to go to Korea but not work there.  Maybe study?


I'm not even sure if any company would take me.  I don't even look mature enough.  One look and they'll think I'm a high school student or something.  But at times I think I look older.  I just have to dress the part.  Therefore, I need shopping money. :))) [Eto talaga dahilan kung bakit gusto ko ng magtrabaho XD]


It's hard to plan the future if I don't even know what I want. Haha.


What I do know is that my parents really, really want me to be a lawyer.  So my roommate will take LAE (Law Aptitude Exam) on the 22nd and my parents are asking me if I don't want to try. Try lang.  But no, I don't really want to try.  I still don't even know what to do with my thesis, taking up law is far, far from my mind.


But I kind of envy those people who are so sure of what they want.  I also envy those people with so much talent.  Hahaha.


Argh.  I should decide sooner or later what I want to do with my life.  I can't be a student forever.T__T  Right now, I feel like the lead actress in a coming-of-age movie. XDDD


I'm running out of movies to watch. TT__TT

Mikaela Princess,
I hope your future's much better than mine.

Registered voter na ko! :)
Muntik pa kaming mapaaway ni ate. XD



I really really wanted an external HD but I have no money.  I also am afraid to ask for it as a christmas gift from my parents since we really can't afford to waste money on unnecessary things.  Boo.  Kelangan na naming magtipid.  I really hope we'd get through this.T_T


So when Aika, Ate Mich, Ate and I went to Trinoma last tuesday, I looked for an external HD to see whether its too pricey or not.  But I couldn't find a single store that sells one.T___T  But I did find a cute bag and resisted on buying it since I already bought a bag last sunday at the sedera in Alaminos.T___T  AMP. Ang cute talaga!  Black na backpack tapos may stars.TT___TT Hanggang ngayon naiisip ko pa rin sya WAHA.  At ang mura nya. :'(


I went home broken hearted. </3


But my father went back from Italy last wednesday right??? And guess what??? He gave my sister and I an external HD each! *dies*


I was literally jumping for joy. XD  My father didn't know we were looking for one.  We already have a 100GB external HD but it's non-functioal right now (since last last year actually T_T).  I have no idea where he found the idea to buy ate and I an external HD but whatever.  I love my parents <3  We don't even have to ask. :)



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