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03 November 2009 @ 04:03 pm
The Ten Bos You'll Meet in College  
 When I'm bored, I wound up writing things like this. And no, not everything is applicable to me  I just think it's common. XDDD  But heck, it might get a little personal.  Actually, I really don't know why I wrote this I don't even have much experience dealing with the opposite sex.  I spent half of my college life avoiding places infiltrated with them. :X


1. The first-day crush

He's the first decent-looking guy you'll see on your first day.  After seeing not-so cute people, you thought you had that love-at-first-sight thing.  But no. You'll only be crushing on him for a year or more.


2. The best boy (space) friend

He's either a high school classmate or that blocmate. So yes, rumors will go out that you two are lovers.  But nothing like that is true and nothing ever will.  You'll be friends.  For a long time.


3. The admirer disguised as friend

Nobody wants to be the cause of someone's one-sided love.  But it can happen.  Hopefully you'll remain friends.  But if worse comes to worse, you'd just have to say goodbye to late-night group meetings and "friendly" lunch dates.


4. The campus crush

You're not the only who thinks he's cute.  So don't get your hopes up.  Next semester you'll find out he got someone pregnant.


5.  The stalker

Beware of them.  Avoid frat tambayans.


6. The friend slash unrequited love

He takes you out to lunch and treats you like a lady.  You're also a very good friend. A mere friend.  But he's much, much more than that.  He'll break your heart but you'll love him just the same.


7.  The no one

You see him everyday single day and yet you know nothing about him.  Not even his name, course or batch.


8.  The young instructor

Either you like him or worse, he likes you.  When that happens, he's suddenly not cute anymore.


9. The M.U.

You like him.  He likes you.  A misunderstanding occurs.  End of story.


10.  The one

He makes hell weeks bearable and eating at a carinderia like a first-class date. :)

HAHAHA.  I suck.  Anyhooo, I used the pictures of my korean boys. XD Because I miss them but I just can't be addicted again. It's not easy to go back to old habits. DONGBANG HWAITING! :)

Namatay ako dun sa last one.
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