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19 December 2009 @ 02:48 am
Breaaak :)  
Hello Christmas break! As you can see I'm already abusing one of life's pleasures and that is staying up late. Online. But I promise to sleep in a minute or so, I just have to post this blog.  Another to-do list. you know to-do lists rule my life. XD haha.


1. Read at least two books.  I still haven't finished Love in the Time of Cholera.T_T I have bunch of books piled up. Middlesex/Atonement you're next.


3. Catch up on Glee

4. Cook sinigang na baboy! At least once. Please.

5. Meet up with high school barkada and confront May. T__T maybetalktomybestfriend(?)too.

6. Watch at least a hundred movies

7. SLEEP.  I wish I'd get to sleep around 8 hours everyday.  I'd be a freaking zombie comes January. I'm a bit excited though. Hectic sched kind of inspires me to work. Heh.

8. Start tagging people on FB.  Hi I am tag-lazy.


And I am effin' frustrated right now.  You know I am a frustrated photographer-slash-model right? And he's not. And it's frustrating.  (Notice how frustrated I am?)

Look.  Even the panda (?) is sad.T_T Yeaaah.
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