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31 January 2010 @ 03:35 pm
Life After  
I know  haven't been updating much since school starts but I promise I will update more often now. BECAUSE I'M DONE WITH MY DATA GATHERING.  Ok, so I still am not sure if I still have to go back to the field. I don't know, I've only interviewed 12 people and I'm not quite sure if it's enough. :(

Enough about thesis.  It's the one thing that occupies my daydreams and nightmare.T_T I don't want it to occupy any more space in my blog. Haha. :)  And oh, another reason why I haven't been updating much is because TUMBLR IS EVIL.

Anyway, I'm now all alone at my dorm room. :( My roommate left fo Mt. Province and she wouldn't be back until the end of March. I already miss her.  I don't know. I have a really small group of friends in Elbi and among those friends, I've been friends with Aika the longest. And she's like my outlet when something ticks me off. She's one of those few people who actually listen. And she's also one of those few people who actually believe that I CAN change the world. Go Aika! :)

I've done quite a lot of thinking since wednesday and I can say that it just saddens me.  It just dawned on me that after graduation, I wouldn't be seeing a LOT of people.  That fact has always been out there but it didn't really materialized until my roommate left.  I'm just scared that I wouldn't see these great people after I leave Elbi.  And I'm not just talking about Alex here.

I'm talking about my CDC friends who have shared the same misery of a thesis nightmare, data gathering episodes annoying interviewees, pressworks, photoshoots, editing hundreds of times, ranting about bumbers. and so on and so forth.  I don't know. After grad everyone will get busy finding jobs or even working.  It would be hard to keep in contact with them.

Then there are my dormmates who call me ate even though they're all taller than I am.T_T It's just this sem that we start to bond. I'll miss laughing loudly with them. I'll really really miss hanging out at the dining table. Trying to study while chatting with them. Drinking coffee. Eating dinner. Eating lunch. :( Hanging out at Ayesza and Yomi's room. Laughing loudly so the second floor dormmates woud get jealous because they're not as close as we are. XD But seriously, these kids are so good that I'd love to see them grow. :(

These great people I'd want to be friends forever. (and I'm not even exaggerating)  Five, ten years from now. Would I still be able to talk to them? Would they be there in my wedding? My future child's first birthday. Everything!


I am so scared of what will happen after grad. I really am not prepared yet. I am too young! XD Haha.

Lalala. Will study now. :(

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