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22 October 2009 @ 08:13 pm
Hospital Raant  
 I had enough of hospitals in the last two weeks to last me a lifetime.

[Please bear with me.  I haven't had a decent sleep for the last two days.]

So I had this vague idea that hospitals here in the Philippines are not exactly that great.  I know that. I've hear stories in TV and I've read stuff. But it is different when someone you know actually get to be pushed away by hospitals.  SERIOUSLY.  It is one thing when they wouldn't accommodate you when you have no money but it is another when they wouldn't even give first aid to someone dying. Freaking frustrating.

I declared this week that there is no way that I would step inside a hospital in San Pablo but wth.  So on tuesday night we rushed mommy to the E.R. of Community Hospital because of her hypertension. RAWR.  Then my mother told the nurse that she wanted to be confined. XD hahaha cute.  So our two-day stay at the hospital started then.  Good thing I didn't go to the hospital in my pajamas since I really had no idea that I wouldn't go home for two days.  Also, I had the sense to bring my cellphone. I would have died of boredom if it weren't for my handphone (term ng koreans. wala lang)

So yes, my sister and I were my mother's bantay.  My mother had so many visitors and we had so many food I felt as if we stayed there for a week or something.  But I admire my sister for not panicking when my mother got dizzy on tuesday night. But I didn't panic too! I though I'd be all over the place when something like that happened. X___X 

Thank God for families and friend :)))  And nurses, too!  When it comes to dealing with patients, nurses are way better than doctors.  They should have 200% increase in their salaries you know.  They are the ones who tirelessly check with their patients and endure their whines and such.  Doctors get paid 2000 per patient (per freaking day) and they only visit once and look at your stats recorded by the nurses.  I don't know. Some doctors are great and all but some do not render the service worthy of the money they receive. :(

And that's the end of my sentiments.  Let's just hope that my mother would stop eating fatty foods and stop stressing about work.  The latter is kind of impossible.

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