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05 December 2009 @ 04:44 pm

Since my dorm's Christmas party is next next week so we have to post our wishlist. While all of my dormmates' wishes are posted in a single sheet of paper, I wrote mine a different paper. XD And now it's posted in our wall.

You can call me whatever you want but I'm just giving my Secret Santa an easier job on looking for a gift. Now, ain't I nice? :)

But really, my wishlist is way longer than that. XD

Laking National Card. National Bookstore will always be my favorite bookstore. I know other bookstores have more books but National has everything! It has books and pens and notebooks and magazines and everything else I need to die happy.

Notebooks. I can never have enough. And I need something to write on for my 70+ pens. TT_TT XDDD

2010 organizer. This year, I'll invest on one and probably buy it at Powerbooks. I'll stop being a cheapskate and buy one decent-slash-sophisticated-looking organizer for next year. It would be kind of embarrassing when I'm already working and my organizer is still Total Girl. XD

DVDs of the 10 seasons of Friends. I am a fanatic so sue me. I accept pirated copies, thank you. (Around 300 pesos :D)

Audrey Hepburn Movies. GAH. So far I've only watched two of her movies: Roman Holiday and Paris When It Sizzles. And so far, I love her and I like her movies. She's so pretty it hurts me eyes. @__@ Sometimes I think I look like her. XDDD Anyway, if you ever think of indeed giving me her movies, places like Odyssey sell VCD copies of her movies for only 155php for two copies. Freaking cheap don't you want to buy one for me now? :D

Yellow umbrella! No one wants to give me an umbrella anymore.T_T But I saw an effin' cute yellow one at Puregold and ASFHASHAKF please?T_T Or anything polka dots. XD

Tumbler. Just so I can go to my classes and look busy. XD

Hot pink / Black Backpack. Because I can never get enough of bags and I just really like the hot pink one I saw at Rob. And I want a black leather backpack ust because I think it's cute. hehehe :) [Alex gave me a pink backpack :) 12-20-09]

A new housing for my cellphone. :))) Mukha na syang kawawa eh.T__T

CLOTHES! (Too lazy to look for pictures.T__T)

Black Leggings. I can't buy one because my sister won't let me. She's an anti-leggings kind of person so yeah. Maybe if someone gives me one she'd let me wear it? :O

Casual dress (preferrably one with a hood :x). Because I now like wearing dresses. And dresses aren't the cheapest clothing in the world but you can find P200 dresses anywhere. So give me a dress and I'll love you for eternity. XD [Bought one 12-20-09]

A miniskirt. I need a denim one or a plaid polka dots skirt. XD [Bought a polka dots one at the thrift shop for 30PHP haha 12-20-09]

Plain white shirt. Just because.


Foot Jellies from Celine. It's on sale people!!! And it's not THAT pricey.

Ipanema. I don't know. Ipanema >>> Havainas just because a lot more people are wearing Havs. XD But Ipanema is more expensive so yeah. The imitation will do. :x [Got Havs so yeah 12-20-09]

Stilletos. My parents and sister are nagging me to wear high-heeled slippers or shoes or whatever. I will, someday. Anyway. I just want one for working purposes. XD and for my seminar, too.T_T

Totoro doll shoes. Totoro <3


Jessica Zafra' Twisted :)))) [Thank you Queenie! 12-20-09]
Audrey Niffeneger's Her Fearful Symmetry
Kiko Machine
[Thank you Queenie! 12-20-09]

Cure for Pooch. It will cost me about P8,000 or higher. Now, isn't that sad? :(

Limited Supply of Popcorn, Cheetos, Pizza, Sambo and Cakes
. I swear I can eat those three everyday and not grow tired of them. Well, my tongue would probably hurt but I don't really care much.

I wish DongBang will never ever disband and their friendship remains forever. :(

I wish to graduate on time. T_T

And last, something like this please:

That's all thank you. I'll be expecting gifts, k? XD hahaha Biro lang. Alam ko namang sina mommy lang magreregalo sakin. Haha.
Current Mood: happyhappy
Ayessa: cuuutepagelift on December 6th, 2009 03:20 am (UTC)
Family ba yung last? O playmates? HAHAHAHA! :)) Joke lang. :)

Ang ikli nga ng wishlist mo eh. Antayin mo yung sa'kin...super materialistic. HAHAHA! XD Mabusog na kasi tayo sa pagmamahal. :))
Janeenjaaaaa on December 6th, 2009 06:19 am (UTC)
Playmates! hahahaha :)

maikli nga eh. after ko gawin yan nakaisip pa ko ng iba. XD
nyaaah wala namang nabubusog sa pagmamahal pag pasko. WAHAHA :)

sige sige. hintayin ko :P
marianne :)prettierdanpink on December 6th, 2009 04:46 pm (UTC)
cute ng wishllist! <3 lalo yung last pic ;)

bat anti-leggings? hindi ako nagjjeans. lagi akong naka-leggings kasi magaan. hehe. at yay para sa dress! gusto ko ng casual dress, nag-iipon ako lately :) madaming murang dresses everywhere :)
Janeenjaaaaa on December 6th, 2009 04:58 pm (UTC)
ewan ko dun.T__T hahawak palang ako ng leggins tutol na kagad. haha :) hindi ko pa nata-try. XD

kaya nga eeeeeeh. natatambak na sila. hindi ko masuot minsan, nahihiya ako. XD haha :)